Darmstadt and district Darmstadt-Dieburg: NightLiner

Red bus number N81 driving by night

© RMV / Helmut Vogler

For everyone who likes going out at night in Darmstadt and the district Darmstadt-Dieburg, there are many buses and trams operating late at night on weekends and before bank holidays.

Questions and answers on the NightLiners

What night services are there?

  • NightLiner: NightLiners are trams and buses which ensure a safe journey home in Darmstadt and the district Darmstadt-Dieburg.
  • Night bus n71: The night bus operates daily between Darmstadt and Frankfurt.
  • Services with night journeys: In addition, several bus routes also operate at night on weekends.

On which days do the NightLiners, night buses and routes which travel at night operate?

  • The NightLiners operate at weekends, from Friday to Saturday and from Saturday to Sunday.
  • For night owls, the NightLiners also operate on all carnival days and on the nights before Corpus Christi, Ascension Day and Day of German Unity.
  • Night bus n71 operates daily.

At what times do the NightLiners, night buses and routes which travel at night operate?

  • NightLiners: The buses and trams operate between 10.00 p.m. and 3.00 a.m. The main interchange station for all lines which travel via Darmstadt city centre is "Darmstadt Luisenplatz".
  • Night bus n71: The bus departs at Frankfurt Konstablerwache at 2.30 a.m. and 3.40 a.m. to Darmstadt. In Darmstadt the bus departs at  Central Railway station (Hauptbahnhof) at 1.01 a.m. and 2.08 a.m. and a third departure is at 3.33 a.m. at Luisenplatz to Frankfurt. 

Where do the NightLiners, night buses and routes which travel at night travel to?

  • NightLiner4/5: Darmstadt-Kranichstein - Luisenplatz - Hauptbahnhof
  • NightLiner7/8: Alsbach - Eberstadt - Luisenplatz - Arheilgen
  • NightLiner8N: Darmstadt-Eberstadt - Seeheim-Jugenheim - Bickenbach - Alsbach - Hähnlein
  • NightLiner9: Griesheim - Luisenplatz - Böllenfalltor
  • NightLinerH: Darmstadt Anne-Frank-Straße - Kranichstein Kesselhutweg / Alfred-Messel-Weg 
  • NightLinerO: Darmstadt Böllenfalltor - Ernsthofen - Brandau
  • NightLinerP: Darmstadt Eberstadt Wartehalle - Pfungstadt Bahnhof
  • NightLiner PE: Darmstadt Eberstadt Wartehalle - Pfungstadt Bahnhof - Eschollbrücken
  • NightLiner F/FU: Darmstadt Oberwaldhaus – Messel / Urberach
  • NightLiner GU1: Schaafheim Sportplatz - Ober-Klingen Volkshaus
  • NightLiner GU2: Mömlingen Gh. z. schönen Aussicht - Dieburg Bahnhof
  • NightLiner GU3: Groß-Umstadt Mitte Bf - Wiebelsbach Sonnenhof
  • NightLiner GU4: Otzberg-Lengfeld Bf - Hering - Ober-Neuses Wasserloch
  • NightLiner671: Darmstadt Hauptbahnhof - Groß-Umstadt - Wiebelsbach / Babenhausen
  • NightLinier 672: Darmstadt Hauptbahnhof - Roßdorf - Groß-Zimmern - Dieburg
  • NightLiner678: Darmstadt Hauptbahnhof - Reinheim - Wiebelsbach Sportplatz
  • NightLiner WE1 / WE2: Darmstadt - Weiterstadt - Worfelden / Erzhausen Bahnhof
  • Nachtbus n71: Frankfurt - Neu-Isenburg - Langen - Darmstadt

Which tickets are valid on the NightLiners, night buses and routes which travel at night?


  • Outside the Darmstadt city area, passengers on the n71 night bus can ask the bus driver to drop them off between stops (where it is safe to do so).
  • The timetables listed with tprovide information on all night services.
  • All NightLiner journeys and other night journeys are included in the Routes enquiry .


  • If you have any questions on the night buses, please contact the RMV hotline.