Supplementary ticket

White information symbol on a round orange background
  • For travelling in First Class
  • Available as a single ticket or season ticket
  • For children and adults
  • Now also available as an RMV-HandyTicket (mobile ticket)

Supplementary tickets as RMV-HandyTickets (mobile tickets)

Single supplements as well as supplementary season tickets to your weekly, monthly tickets, annual season ticket (except for the transition fare zones) and Deutschland-Ticket can also be purchased as RMV-HandyTickets.

RMV-HandyTickets are valid for immediate departure, which is why even the supplementary ticket (single supplement and supplementary season tickets) are valid as a HandyTicket directly after the purchase.

The supplementary ticket as a HandyTicket is personalised for one person and can no longer be transferred to another person after the purchase. The name of the ticket holder must be specified upon purchase. In case of a ticket inspection, a comparison of the ticket holder with an official photo ID might be carried out.

For enhanced security, the supplementary season tickets are updated online on the app as an RMV-HandyTicket once every day. For this purpose, please go online briefly before the departure and open the app. The “Valid from” field in the HandyTicket will subsequently get updated to the current date, the “Valid until” field will remain unchanged and display the last day of validity of the monthly ticket. The time of purchase will be displayed unchanged in the “Purchased on” field. The current date must be displayed on the ticket in case of an inspection, but an internet connection is not required for this.

  • If you would like to travel First Class on regional trains and S-Bahn services and benefit from other services subject to supplements, you will need to purchase a supplementary ticket.
  • This is available at a standard charge for both adults and children.
  • It is available as a single supplement for one journey only or as a supplementary season ticket to supplement your weekly, monthly or annual season ticket, your JobTicket or SemesterTicket.
  • If you are a season ticket holder and would like to make only occasional use of services subject to supplements, you can purchase a single supplement for each journey.
  • Supplementary season tickets within the RMV transport region as issued as eTicket RheinMain and may be purchased up to 8 weeks in advance.
  • No additional tickets can be purchased along with the Student ticket for Hesse and the Senior citizen ticket.


  • You can find the price of your ticket in our timetable information. You can find the applicable fare information by looking at the journey planner.
  • If you have loaded at least 40 Euros onto your meinRMV account and you purchase your single supplementary ticket as a mobile phone ticket in the RMV app, you can save 20 percent. You can find out more information on the RMV prepaid discount by visiting RMVgo - HandyTicket.

Points of Sale

All supplementary tickets can be bought up to 8 weeks in advance. Supplementary season tickets for connections within the RMV area are only available as eTicket RheinMain.


Our common conditions of carriage (only in German) and fare regulations (only in German) apply.