Return of RMV tickets

White information symbol on a round orange background
  • Proportional reimbursement of the fare
  • Low processing fee
  • Premature termination of annual contracts

Different types of RMV tickets can be returned - regardless of claims from legal rights or voluntary guarantees.

The following applies as a general rule:

  • A refund will only be granted for the time after the card has been returned.
  • A processing fee of EUR 5.00 as well as possibly a transfer fee will be deducted from the reimbursement amount.
  • The transport company that has issued the ticket is the right point of contact for the return.


  • Annual ticket subscriptions and CleverCard: The contract can be terminated before it expires.In the event of termination in the first 12-month period, the customer will be invoiced and charged the price of the corresponding monthly card for each month of use. After the expiry of at least one entire 12-month period, you can terminate the contract on a monthly basis without a subsequent invoice.
  • Annual tickets without automatic renewal:Upon termination, the customer will be charged the price of the corresponding monthly card for each month of use. 
  • Monthly and weekly cards: Their validity must not have expired completely.
  • Student ticket for Hesse: If you switch to a different annual season ticket offer, the contract can be terminated before its expiry at no additional cost. You can find the details in the General Fare Regulations for the Hesse Student Ticket (only in German).
  • Day tickets and group day tickets: They must be returned before the day of validity (printed date).
  • Single tickets: Single tickets: A refund, cancellation or exchange is usually not possible, as single tickets are only valid for immediate travel.