Be it passenger rights, lost property or mobility training: Our service package offers you comprehensive information and offers (only in German).

Guarantees & rights of passengers

The following applies in principle: Passengers can expect their mode of transport to be punctual. If this does not happen, there are various ways to get part of the fare back, for example.

Our aim is to get you to your destination on time. Unfortunately, that might not always happen. But then, you can get your money back at your destination for as little a delay as 10 minutes.

RMV-10-minute guarantee (only in German)

Only for holders of personal annual tickets of the adult fare: Reimbursement of taxi costs or long-distance tickets in case of delays in regional transport.

Mobility guarantee for personal annual ticket (only in German)

Passengers are entitled to compensation or reimbursement of the fare in the event of delays or cancellation of the train. In addition, under certain conditions, costs for alternative transport by long-distance train or taxi may be reimbursed.

Passenger rights in railway transport (only in German)

Your contact details

Your concern can reach us and our partners in many ways: quickly via the online service portal, personally on site or on the service phone, or traditionally by post or fax.

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