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DB CooperationTickets


White information symbol on a round orange background
  • DB long-distance rail ticket and RMV ticket all in one
  • No surcharge


Onward travel ticket

Holder may be accompanied by other persons


Use for First Class travel 
Yes, when ticket includes First Class travel; otherwise with 1 supplement per person per journey

Cross-network fare

Dial-a-ride taxi service (AST), express bus, etc.
Yes, in some cases with a supplement (1 supplement per person per journey)

  • A Deutsche Bahn (DB AG) long-distance rail ticket which bears the words “+ City” after the destination allows you to use any RMV service for the onward journey from the destination station to your end destination. This also applies to the return journey if you book the outward and return journeys at the same time on one ticket, which bears the words “+ City” after the destination.
  • The CityTicket is valid for the outward journey (from the station) on the date clipped on the ticket by the conductor. On the return journey (to the station), the date indicated on the ticket for the “CityTicket” service is valid.
  • It is valid for RMV services for the following destinations:
    • Bad Homburg: Fare zone 5101
    • Darmstadt: Fare zones 4001, 4035 and 4045 (Darmstadt-Mitte, -Arheilgen, -Eberstadt)
    • Frankfurt: Fare zone 5000 (excl. airport)
    • Fulda: Fare zone 2001
    • Gießen: Fare zone 1501
    • Hanau: Fare zone 3001
    • Mainz: Fare zone 6500 (excl. Wiesbaden and Ginsheim, Gustavsburg and Walluf)
    • Marburg: Fare zones 0501, 0540, 0546 0555, 0558, 0588
    • Offenbach: Fare zone 3601
    • Wiesbaden: Fare zone 6500 (excl. Mainz and Ginsheim, Gustavsburg and Walluf)
  • BahnCard 100 holders can also use any RMV service in the above fare zones regardless of whether it is for an outward journey or a return journey. The BahnCard 100 is then valid as a season ticket.

Sales outlets

  • DB sales outlets 


The CityTicket is issued for the regular DB long-distance rail ticket without incurring a surcharge.


Bad Homburg: Area of validity - CityTicket

Darmstadt: Area of validity - CityTicket

Frankfurt: Area of validity - CityTicket

Fulda: Area of validity - CityTicket

Gießen: Area of validity - CityTicket

Hanau: Area of validity - CityTicket

Mainz: Area of validity - CityTicket

Marburg: Area of validity - CityTicket

Offenbach: Area of validity - CityTicket

Wiesbaden: Area of validity - CityTicket