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Information for specific passenger groups

Free travel entitlement for passengers with severe disabilities

White information symbol on a round orange background
  • Holders of a severely handicapped pass with supplementary sheet and valid token or an imprinted authorization ride free of charge
  • One person also travels free with the holder where this is noted in the pass

Fares info

Onward travel ticket

Holder may be accompanied by other persons
No, except for person authorised to travel with the holder
Use for First Class travel

Yes, when severe disability pass covers First Class travel; otherwise with a supplement

Cross-network fare 
Dial-a-ride taxi service (AST), express bus, etc.
Yes, in some cases with a supplement (1 supplement per journey)
Use of IC service
  • Where a person is required to accompany the passenger during the journey, the letter “B” will be entered on the severe disability pass allowing them to travel free of charge, even if the passenger with a severe disability is not entitled to free travel.

Places of issue

Severely handicapped passes and free travel entitlements are only issued by the respective benefits office.