Night-time transport in Frankfurt

Art photo: Tram passing by a stop resembling a light strip.

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In Frankfurt's night-time transport system, a network of routes is "in force", which is run every night at least every half hour and which in fact no longer differs from the daytime network.

The network is composed of the 24-hour operation of important daytime routes: These are, on the one hand, underground routes and tram routes, which are replaced by night bus routes close to the tracks due to the reduced demand on weekday nights, and, on the other hand, the metro buses that also run at night. This network is supplemented by other important bus routes that run at half-hourly or hourly intervals. So, "during the week", the same network is in effect as on weekends.

Here is an overview of the service

  • The Metro bus routes M32, M34, M36, M43, M46, M55, M60 and M72 run every 30 minutes at night.
  • On weekend nights, the four underground routes U4, U5, U7, U8 and the four tram routes 11, 12, 16, and 18, form the backbone of the local public transport system. During the week, these routes are replaced by night bus routes that follow the route of "the track" with the same route number: the "trackside night-time bus" with the routes N4, N5, N7, N8, N11, N12, N16 and N18.
  Underground and tram routes on weekend nights   Trackside night bus routes on weekday nights
U4 Bockenheimer Warte – Seckbacher Landstraße N4 Bockenheimer Warte – Seckbacher Landstraße (continues as route M43 to Bergen Ost)
U5 Hauptbahnhof – Preungesheim N5 Hauptbahnhof – Preungesheim
U7 Praunheim Heerstraße – Enkheim N7 Praunheim Heerstraße – Enkheim
U8 Südbahnhof – Riedberg – Nieder-Eschbach N8 Südbahnhof – Riedberg – Nieder-Eschbach (continues as route 29 to Nieder-Erlenbach)
11 Fechenheim Schießhüttenstraße – Höchst Zuckschwerdtstraße N11 Fechenheim Schießhüttenstraße – Höchst Zuckschwerdtstraße (continues as route 59 to Unterliederbach Cheruskerweg)
12 Schwanheim Rheinlandstraße – Konstablerwache (continues as route 18) N12 Schwanheim Rheinlandstraße – Konstablerwache continues as route N18 to Unfallklinik)
16 Ginnheim – Offenbach Stadtgrenze N16 Ginnheim – Offenbach Stadtgrenze
18 Preungesheim – Konstablerwache (continues as route 12) N18 Unfallklinik – Konstablerwache (continues as route N12 to Schwanheim Rheinlandstraße)
  • Bus routes 28, 29, 39, 59, 61, 62 and 63, which are important because of their accessibility factor, also run in segments "during the week" and thus around the clock. Bus route 58 runs between Höchst Bahnhof and Terminal 1 airport every night at half-hourly intervals.
  • In addition, there are the regional services of the RMV with suburban train and regional night bus routes. For more details, please visit the page Night travel FrankfurtRheinMain.

Download timetables

You can find the current timetables here.

At night, you might need to take a different connection than usual to get to your destination. How and when you can best find your way home by bus and train at night - that's exactly what you will find out with the connection details.

Tip: Enter the starting point and destination address instead of the stop in the information screen. This will give you the optimal connection from your door to the next - including pedestrian routes.

Download network map of Frankfurt night-time routes