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Many RMV tickets are already issued via the eTicket RheinMain. Customers with annual tickets, students and holders of monhtly and weekly tickets travel with this eTicket smartcard.

What is the eTicket RheinMain?

The eTicket RheinMain is the RMV’s Mobility Ticket. Tickets are stored on it electronically. The eTicket RheinMain can be used again and again to purchase tickets. 

Furthermore, the eTicket RheinMain can also be used to access car sharing vehicles, pedelecs, electric cars, etc.

eTicket RheinMain - The RMV Mobility Ticket

eTicket RheinMain - The RMV Mobility Ticket

Which tickets are issued via eTicket RheinMain?

The following tickets are issued via eTicket RheinMain:

Exception: tickets for cross-network fare zones will still be issued in paper form.

Blue Logo: On the left three blue waves followed by an e on blue background

How do I purchase the eTicket RheinMain?

Available at numerous sales offices, at ticket machines bearing the eTicket logo or online

Electronic tickets for the eTicket RheinMain are available at the eTicket RheinMain sales offices. These are the RMV sales offices with the light blue eTicket logo and the Deutsche Bahn travel centres.

Weekly and monthly tickets for adults are also transferred to your smartcard at ticket machines bearing the eTicket logo. Be sure to always have your eTicket RheinMain with you to do so. eTicket-compatible  RMV ticket machines can be found at the stations and rail stops for regional traffic.

To purchase, place the smartcard on the area marked with the (((e logo and purchase your ticket as usual. The new ticket will then be added to your eTicket RheinMain within seconds.

Currently, Verkehrsgesellschaft Frankfurt (VGF) ticket machines in Frankfurt are also being upgraded, to enable purchasing electronic weekly or monthly tickets for adults.

All subscribed RMV annual tickets and within the transport district can also be booked online via RMV TicketShop. There you can also buy weekly and monthly tickets for adults (except for cross-network fares) to store on your eTicket smartcard.

If your smartcard is not registered in your name, you can only have it replaced at the sales office by showing the purchase receipt you received when your smartcard was first issued. If you did not receive a purchase receipt for the smartcard or if you disposed of it, please contact the sales office that issued it prior to possible replacement, to obtain it again (the receipt for a ticket purchase is not accepted!).

If you do not yet have an eTicket RheinMain and are not already an annual ticket or CleverCard subscriber, you will receive the eTicket when purchasing one of the tickets listed at the eTicket RheinMain sales offices.

Electronic readout and update

View what’s stored on the eTicket RheinMain

Your eTicket RheinMain holds the electronic information necessary for you to travel by RMV bus and rail – meaning your ticket information and for individual tickets, also your masked name, date of birth and gender as well as the last ten transactions as a service function in terms of consumer protection. You can review the information stored to your eTicket RheinMain yourself at various locations.

Learn more in the article: Easily read the eTicket RheinMain

Transferring tickets to the eTicket RheinMain

Changes to the contents of your ticket and new tickets are provided electronically to be saved to your eTicket RheinMain. We will show you how to easily update your smartcard.

Learn more in the article: Easily update the eTicket RheinMain

More service with registration

Why you should have your eTicket RheinMain registered in your name

Registration makes replacement easier, in the event you ever lose your eTicket RheinMain. For example, a purchase receipt is not required when ordering a replacement. However, registration is not required to use the ticket!

How and where do I register my eTicket RheinMain?

You can register the eTicket RheinMain right at the sales office or online. When purchasing products such as annual tickets (without a subscription) or monthly tickets, the choice is yours: The employees will gladly register your smartcard to your name in the system, so it can be replaced quickly without a purchase receipt should you ever lose it. When purchasing individual annual subscriptions and CleverCards, the eTicket RheinMain is automatically registered to your name in the system.

Register online at meinRMV

Visit "meinRMV" to register your mobility ticket. To do so, first follow the simple registration steps at "meinRMV". You will receive the registration data (smartcard number and password) from the contracting partner together with your smartcard. In your "meinRMV" account, go to "Managing My Chip Cards" to access the following:

  • General information concerning the technical validity of your smartcard
  • Information about the smartcard user (this data can be edited online)
  • Order a replacement smartcard (including blocking) if your card is lost or broken
  • View all (active) tickets stored on your smartcard, e.g. weekly and monthly tickets
  • View all (active) subscribed annual season tickets, edit the contractual data for those tickets (e.g. changing the adress or credit card details), and download the invoices for all subscribed tickets valid in the last 13 months
  • Customers of a CleverCard/CleverCard kreisweit can use all services except editing stored data.
  • View the last ten expired (no longer valid) tickets stored on your smartcard
  • Cancel the registration of your smartcard

Please note: The online manager at meinRMV cannot be used for VGF (Frankfurt), ESWE (Wiesbaden) and HEAG mobilo (Darmstadt) smartcards at this time.

eTicket: Frequently asked questions

  • RMV season tickets are saved electronically on the eTicket RheinMain. So, the eTicket can be repeatedly used for purchasing tickets. Even if your eTicket is "empty", that is no ticket is saved at present, retain the eTicket RheinMain for the next purchase of the season ticket. It must be exchanged for a new one after 5 years at the most.

  • New RMV season tickets - that is weekly, monthly or annual 
    tickets - can be saved again and again on the eTicket RheinMain. You can buy your new ticket in any outlet marked with the blue eTicket logo, online in the RMV-TicketShop or at a RMV ticket machine. Important: Always carry your Chip card, because this is the carrier for your ticket.

  • As done so far the ticket must be shown while boarding the bus in many of the bus lines. However, the eTicket RheinMain is not checked by the driving staff any more, but a reader device with a digital display. The data exchange between the installed Chip and the reader takes place by magnetic waves. An optical and an acoustic signal shows that the ticket is valid, because all the relevant ticket information is saved on the Chip. Then "OK", a green light or a green check mark appears on the display.

    No fixed inspection devices are installed in the rail vehicles. Here, the ticket checkers of the transport company continue to check whether a passenger has a valid ticket. The buses also continue to have inspectors, mainly where there are no inspection devices (for example in some urban transport). The inspectors carry readers for the eTicket RheinMain.

  • 1. Ticket data The Chip card saves the acquired season ticket, that is, what is the ticket type, for which tariff zone it is applicable and for how long. In all, up to eight current tickets and tickets expired recently can be saved. For the purpose of data economy, the old entries are overwritten one after the other from the ninth entry onwards.

    2. Personal data All personal data is only used for purposes that help in smooth functioning of the eTicket-RheinMain process. So, in case of personal tariff products, like the personal annual ticket or the student ticket Hesse, the name of the holder in masked form as well as the date of birth and the gender are saved in the Chip of the eTicket RheinMain. Saving in masked form means that only the first letter of the first name and the last name are saved in clear text. In case of all transferable tariff products, only the data of the ticket is saved in the Chip but no personal data is saved.

    3. Transaction data for reasons of transparency, the last 10 transactions (checking processes and ticket purchases) are saved on the Chip card. The eTicket RheinMain offers highest security to its users with respect to data protection.

    Processing of personal data occurs in compliance with the applicable Data Protection Act of the State of Hesse (HDSG) and the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG). The data protection supervisory authorities have also been involved right at the time of developing the procedure. All data protection regulation requirements like transparency, data economy and deletion options are fulfilled. And you can be very sure: Forming personal movement profiles is excluded!

  • Tickets issued on the eTicket RheinMain can be returned or cancelled on the directly on site or in writing by post to the contractual partner. The ticket on the Chip card is blocked at the desired end of contract or from the arrival of the cancellation letter (post mark matches the last day of use) and is not authorised for travel any more.

    The Chip card itself must not be returned - it can be used again when you buy new tickets.

    Other provisions related to the end of the contractual relationship can be found in the tariff provisions in clause 3.2.3 and in the special conditions of the respective ticket offer.

  • Lost or no longer verifiable Chip cards with valid travel permission are replaced against payment of 10.00 Euro. If the Chip card is evidently defective, there shall be no cost for the replacement card.

    If you are registered for "meinRMV" with your eTicket RheinMain, you can block the Chip card directly online and shall get a replacement Chip card within a few days by post, which is an electronic copy of your original eTicket RheinMain. If this needs to be faster, you may be issued the replacement Chip card directly at the outlet as well.

    If you have not registered your Chip card, you will get a replacement at the outlet only by presenting the receipt which you received when your Chip card was first issued to you. Your lost eTicket RheinMain is blocked. All the tickets saved on it are replaced - the transferable ones also.

    If you also make use of additional offers with the eTicket RheinMain, you must inform the respective dealer the new Chip card number. Similarly, for the replacement card, you will get new registration data for managing the Chip card at meinRMV.

    Customers, who have acquired their eTicket RheinMain at VGF (Frankfurt), ESWE (Wiesbaden) and HEAG mobilo (Darmstadt), please ask your respective sales partner, which services are available for you.

Data privacy at eTicket RheinMain

The RMV has decided upon the Standard (((eTicket Deutschland for the conversion of the season ticket to the eTicket RheinMain. The benefits are obvious: This nation-wide standard enables the use of Chip cards for the first time in various networks. It is considered especially safe from misuse, manipulations or forgeries and it satisfies the high German data protection requirements. This standard has been developed in close cooperation with the Conference of the data protection commissioners of the federal government and the states and has been coordinated with the Commissioner for Data Protection of Hesse. The special focus in this was on data protection, data economy and consumer protection. Movement profiles should not and are not created with the eTicket RheinMain. First and foremost, the passengers should have the highest possible data transparency and should be able to understand what happens with their data. For this, every holder of an eTicket can see his/her data stored in the RMV mobility centres – and can even have transaction data deleted.

What is saved on the eTicket RheinMain

There are three separate areas on the memory chip: Just like on a paper ticket, specific information is saved, which identifies the holder of the eTicket (personal data) and which season ticket has been acquired (ticket data). As a service function in the sense of consumer protection, the last ten transactions with the Chip card are saved in a kind of log book (usage data). These are recorded as digital client voucher for complaints, for example, in order to submit proof when passengers have complaints. These control entries are comparable with machine printouts and endorser stamps in case of paper tickets. At the same time, they help in personal checking of individual eTickets, so that a stranger cannot use it. The following applies in principle: The eTicket RheinMain is as good as money and should therefore be kept safe and protected like an EC or credit card.

Which personal data is saved

In case of individual tickets, name, gender and date of birth of the passenger are saved on the Chip card, so that the ticket holder can be identified during a check. Here, the name is not saved in clear text; rather, it is 'masked' with letters, numbers and special characters, that is, it is encrypted. Thus, the name can be matched, for example, with the help of the ID card, but cannot be read (Example: Max Mustermann, date of birth 01.03.2001, male, M1x@M8n 03/2001 M). Other data like a passport photo has been deliberately waived for the purpose of data economy. Therefore, the following is applicable for season ticket holders: Always carry the personal ID or another photo ID along with the eTicket. As regards passengers, who buy only transferable season ticket products, no personal data is saved on the Chip cards.

Which ticket data is saved

Naturally, the season ticket that is acquired is also saved, that is the ticket type, for which tariff zones and for how long it is valid. During each ticket check, it is not just checked whether the travel permission is valid, but also whether the transferred data record is free of manipulations.

Which usage data is saved

Furthermore, the Chip card saves specific usage data in a log book: Always, when the eTicket is held at a checking device (so-called transactions) – for example in the bus or during a ticket check. Thereby, all journeys are not necessarily completely recorded, if for example in city train and metro journeys the eTicket did not come in contact with a checking device. Only the ten most recent transactions are saved. For the purpose of data economy, the old entries are overwritten one after the other from the eleventh entry. This usage data includes time, place and type of the transaction, the terminal number, the ticket/product number, the line and trip number. The checking device sends the data record to the eTicket background system of the RMV and there it is checked whether there also exists a sales data record for the checked eTicket RheinMain. That helps in verifying misuse like manipulations, duplicates or double registrations with one Chip card. This checking data is only saved on the eTicket of the passenger. On the RMV servers, this data record is again immediately deleted after the checking analysis.

Why this data is saved

The above-mentioned personal data and the ticket data is required to verify the travel permission of the eTicket user, whether the ticket is actually valid for this journey. At the same time, it is also checked whether the Chip card is free of manipulations. The log book entries help the passengers in carrying out individual checks. Afterwards, the passenger himself can always check how his eTicket was used. Thus, the highest possible data transparency exists in the sense of consumer protection. If the customer desires, the log book entries at an outlet can be deleted.

Who can read the data on the eTicket RheinMain

The ten log book entries are only saved on the Chip card. The network-wide background system, to which for example the control transaction data record is sent, saves the last data record only for checking analysis. It is automatically deleted afterwards. There is no central server, which saves the entries generated by the passengers for longer time. Employees of the RMV or the transport company have the facility to see the last ten transactions only in the RMV mobility centres, when the passenger provides his Chip card. No worry about movement profiles: On one hand, the creation is legally prohibited. On the other hand: The few, select log book entries (for example in the bus or during a ticket check and of those, maximum ten), are not sufficient to create a movement profile. A chance reading of a strange ticket is also not possible. The data is exchanged via NFC (Near Field Communication). For this purpose, the transmitter and receiver must be kept a few centimetres close on top of each other. If the eTicket is in a wallet and this in turn is in a jacket or a trouser pocket, then even the wilful reading of a strange ticket in passing is more than improbable. Basically, the eTicket must be protected just like a bank or credit card from unauthorised access by an unauthorised person.

The RMV mobility card – attractive partners offering attractive conditions

In addition to tickets, the RMV mobility card also provides space for additional offers, allowing you to be even more flexible and mobile. The following partners offer RMV mobility card users partially discounted rates:



Use the offers from book-n-drive Carsharing with the eTicket

book-n-drive is the largest Carsharing provider in the Rhein-Main region and also offers its customers-the option of using vehicles from DB Flinkster as well; quickly and easily without registration. This cooperation makes more than 4,000 vehicles available to the book-n-drive customers throughout Germany.

Your travelling becomes even more flexible with the Carsharing vehicles from book-n-drive: Approximately 1,000 vehicles can be rented at 260 locations in the entire RMV area. This guarantees the right vehicle for all tastes and occasions.

A special treat awaits holders of the eTicket RheinMain upon registration: They start off with a 30.00 Euro travel credit, which equals approx. 150 free kilometres including costs for petrol. You can freely choose which fare you prefer and registration in the Basic fare is even free of charge.

If you are interested in this additional option, simply register at In order to have your driving licence checked and to sign the user contract, please visit one of the RMV Mobility Centres in Darmstadt, Frankfurt, Mainz, Offenbach or Wiesbaden or book-n-drive’s central Service Office Rhein-Main in Frankfurt.

You can book and reserve Carsharing vehicles quickly and easily online on your home PC via, by phoning the booking hotline or using the app on your smartphone.

book-n-drive Carsharing website (in German):



Use the offers from Flinkster with the eTicket

You would also like to use your eTicket RheinMain outside of the RMW area? No problem, as long as you are willing to hit the street. Although it is then no longer valid as a ticket, it is still the key to Flinkster Carsharing vehicles and therefore, you can be (auto)mobile all over Germany.

Approximately 4,000 vehicles, including environmentally-friendly electric vehicles, can be rented at locations in more than 140 German cities. So you can be sure that your trip will not end prematurely at the train station.

If you are registered at book-n-drive, you also have the option of using the Flinkster vehicles; quickly and easily without additional registration. 

You can book and reserve Carsharing vehicles quickly and easily online on your home PC via, by phoning the booking hotline or using the app on your smartphone.

Flinkster website - My Carsharing (in German):



Rhein-Main stadtmobil

With the eTicket RheinMain, you have 175 Carsharing vehicles at your disposal in Frankfurt, Offenbach, Hofheim, Bad Vilbel, Friedberg and Alsfeld at particularly favourable rates. And using your eTicket to access the stadtmobil service will give you another financial benefit: the one-off stadtmobil registration fee is reduced to € 25. And it also contains travel credit of € 10.

If you would like make use of this additional function, just take your eTicket, passport and driving licence to the Frankfurt Hauptwache Mobility Centre, Hofheim Mobility Centre, Offenbach Mobility Centre or to the office of Rhein-Main stadtmobil at Frankfurt Central Station and register.

You can also book and reserve Carsharing vehicles quickly and easily online on your home PC at, by phoning the bookings hotline or via the RMV-HandyPortal using a smartphone.

Then all you have to do is hold up the eTicket to the car windscreen, jump in and drive away.

Rhein-Main stadtmobil Carsharing website (in German):



scouter Carsharing

scouter provides quick and easy access to carsharing vehicles in Marburg and Giessen at great rates. Almost 75 vehicles are available for lending at about 34 stations in the northern area of the RMV zone. scouter gives you a choice of four vehicle categories, guaranteeing the right vehicle for every taste and every occasion.

The cooperation with Deutsche Bahn puts a total of more than 4,000 vehicles at your disposal throughout Germany.

scouter Carsharing website (in German):



eMobil RheinMain

There are currently three eMobil stations in Offenbach, all in the immediate vicinity of S-Bahn and/or bus stops: at Marktplatz, at Nordring/Hafen and at Ostendplatz in Bieber. By 2018, there are to be six eMobil stations in Offenbach altogether, with six electric cars and 20 electric bicycles (pedelecs) available to lease at favourable conditions.

Owners of an RMV commutation ticket get a 10 percent discount on all eMobil car or pedelec rentals.

Register, book and reserve

To register for eMobil, simply go to and select "Registrieren" in the menu.

You can book the vehicles around the clock online at and access the cars and pedelecs with your eTicket or mobile phone. Soon a new app will make rental even easier.

eMobil RheinMain website (in German):


meinRad – Mietradeln in Mainz, Wiesbaden, Ingelheim und Budenheim

Be mobile in the city at any time of the day or night. With meinRad, you can spontaneously rent bicycles in Mainz, Wiesbaden, Ingelheim and Budenheim and very easily, too, by using the "meinrad" app.

Information on the meinRad service

RMV mobility services near you

The RMV as a mobility network wants to offer its customers all mobility options for the Frankfurt RheinMain region from one single source.

You will find Maps which show all vehicles and locations of our mobility partners near you

  • in the RMV app (in site menu of RMV app under "Map" > "Sharing-Offers") and
  • in the RMV mobile portal ( under "Home" > "Karte der regionalen RMV-Mobilitätspartner" > "RMV-Mobilitätspartner in Ihrer Nähe").

This information is only available in German.