eTicket RheinMain - Your tool for purchasing tickets

a hand holding an eTicket card

The eTicket RheinMain is the RMV’s Mobility Ticket. Tickets are stored on it electronically. The eTicket RheinMain can be used again and again to purchase tickets. 

Furthermore, the eTicket RheinMain can also be used to access car sharing vehicles, pedelecs, electric cars, etc.

The RMV mobility card – attractive partners offering attractive conditions

In addition to tickets, the RMV mobility card also provides space for additional offers, allowing you to be even more flexible and mobile. The following partners offer RMV mobility card users partially discounted rates:

RMV mobility services near you

The RMV as a mobility network wants to offer its customers all mobility options for the Frankfurt RheinMain region from one single source.

You will find Maps which show all vehicles and locations of our mobility partners near you

  • in the RMV app (in site menu of RMV app under "Map" > "Sharing-Offers") and
  • in the RMV mobile portal ( under "Home" > "Karte der regionalen RMV-Mobilitätspartner" > "RMV-Mobilitätspartner in Ihrer Nähe").

This information is only available in German.

Data privacy for the eTicket RheinMain

The RMV has decided upon the Standard (((eTicket Deutschland for the conversion of the season ticket to the eTicket RheinMain. The benefits are obvious: This nation-wide standard enables the use of Chip cards for the first time in various networks. It is considered especially safe from misuse, manipulations or forgeries and it satisfies the high German data protection requirements. This standard has been developed in close cooperation with the Conference of the data protection commissioners of the federal government and the states and has been coordinated with the Commissioner for Data Protection of Hesse. The special focus in this was on data protection, data economy and consumer protection. Movement profiles should not and are not created with the eTicket RheinMain. First and foremost, the passengers should have the highest possible data transparency and should be able to understand what happens with their data. For this, every holder of an eTicket can see his/her data stored in the RMV mobility centres – and can even have transaction data deleted.