Journey planner for accessible travel

Screenshot: Template of the search for the right connection

The service for accessible travel (only in German) helps travellers with restricted mobility use to reach their destination more easily. Predefined profiles for wheelchair users, wheelchair users with an assistant, people with walking disabilities, travellers with prams and senior citizens along with the input of individual requirements render tailor-made connection information possible. Customers who register in the meinRMV customer portal can store stations, connections, or mobility specifications in their profile and thus retrieve them at any time.

Woman with laptop on her knees showing the RMV website


Register now with meinRMV and you will be able to keep tabs on everything. Link your personal mobility profile with meinRMV and you'll can experience barrier-free mobility as fast and quick as possible. 


Inside of a train wagon with empty blue seats

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Excerpts from the Conditions of Carriage & Tariff Provisions

You can read extracts of the legally binding conditions of carriage and tariff provisions here.

Excerpts from the Conditions of Carriage & Tariff Provisions (only in German)