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Schülerticket Hessen

FAQ Schülerticket Hessen

Picture of the Schülerticket Hessen Zoom This is what the ticket looks like (© Hessisches Ministerium für Wirtschaft, Energie, Verkehr und Landesentwicklung) Do you have any questions regarding the Schülerticket Hessen? You will find the answers here. 

Schülerticket Hessen at a glance

From when will the Schülerticket Hessen be valid?

  • The ticket will be valid from Tuesday, 1 August 2017. Advance booking hast started.

How much does the Schülerticket Hessen cost?

  • The Schülerticket Hessen costs 365.00 euros per year in case of one-time payment; however, it can be paid in twelve monthly instalments of 31 euros each.

    All student and trainees whose travel costs are fully reimbursed can use the Schülerticket Hessen free of charge.

Is the Schülerticket Hessen always cheaper than the existing offers?

  • The Schülerticket Hessen costs 365.00 euros per year, i.e. approximately one euro per day, in case of a one-time payment. Therefore, the ticket is virtually always cheaper than the majority of hitherto existing season tickets. 

    Schülerticket Hessen offers considerable benefits to all users since it is not only valid across the city or district, but throughout the state of Hesse and even during the holidays.

Who can use the Schülerticket Hessen?

  • The offer is applicable to all

    - Students - from primary school to school leaving examination (Abitur)

    - Apprentices

    - Civil service trainiees in the lower and middle grade

    - Persons in voluntary military service and voluntary federal civil service

    - Adolescents and young adults completing a voluntary social or ecological year

    Sole prerequisite: The place of residence or the school or training place is located in Hesse.

    Einzige Voraussetzung: Der Wohnsitz oder die Schule oder der Ausbildungsplatz befindet sich in Hessen.

    Note: Non-school-age children can also use the Hesse student ticket, but college students cannot. 

    The complete liste of entitled persons is given in the Common tariff regulations for the Schülerticket Hessen and on the backside of the order form (both only available in German).

Validity of the Schülerticket Hessen

Which means of transport can be used? Even the long-distance ones?

  • Like previous season tickets for students, the Schülerticket Hessen is valid in all means of transport offered by the transport associations. Buses, suburban trains, trams, underground trains and regional trains as well as night bus and fast bus lines in Hesse can be used. 

    Relevant extra charge shall be applicable for offers that are subject to surcharge.

    The Schülerticket Hessen is not valid in long-distance trains of Deutsche Bahn AG (IC, EC, ICE) and in private trains.

Can the 1st class be used against extra charge?

  • No, the 1st class cannot be used with the Schülerticket Hessen in general.

Where ist the Schülerticket Hessen valid?

  • The Schülerticket Hessen is valid in all buses, suburban trains, underground trains and regional trains in Hesse and in Mainz. Night bus and fast bus lines can also be used.

    To make changing to traffic associations in other federal states easier, major travel hubs outside of Hesse can be reached with the Schülerticket Hessen. 

    The Schülerticket Hessen is valid for travel to the following destinations beyond the state border of Hesse - see also the Overview map of the validity area of the Schülerticket Hessen (PDF):

    On the northern border of the NVV to:

    - The city of Warburg in North Rhine-Westphalia with lines R17, RE11, 120, 140, W3 and W4

    - The city of Hannoversch Münden in Lower Saxony with the districts Bonafoth, Hedemünden, Laubach and Oberode plus the township of Staufenberg

    - Gerstungen in Thuringia, however only with lines R6 and 260

    Across the borders of the RMV:

    - On lines RB29 and RB90 up to the "Diez Ost" station in the city of Diez (Rhineland-Palatinate

    - Up to the "Niederlaasphe" station in the city of Bad Laasphe (North Rhine-Westphalia)

    - On line 77 to Geisa (Thuringia)

    - In the cross-network fare zones between VRN and RMV to:

          - Hohensachsen and Lützelsachsen in the township of Weinheim

          - The town of Eberbach

          - The city of Worms (VRN tariff zone 43) in Rhineland-Palatinate

What is the validity period of the Schülerticket Hessen?

  • The Schülerticket Hessen is valid from the first day of any calendar month and thereafter for entire 12 successive months.

    If the student ticket is bought as a subscription, the validity is automatically renewed by 12 additional months until the 18th birthday.

How do I travel beyond the validity zone of the Schülertickets Hessen?

What if the place of residence and the school/training place are not located in the same federal state?

  • Persons who live in Hesse but attend school or undergo training in other federal states can use the Schülerticket Hessen up to the state border of Hesse or up to transfer stations to other transport associations.

    For all persons who have their school or training place in Hesse and live in the neighbouring federal state, the Schülerticket Hessen is valid from the Hessian state border or from the transfer stations.

    More details can be found in the Overview map of validity area of the Schülerticket Hessen (PDF) (only available in German).

Transferability and takting other persons along

Is it allowed to carry along bicycles free of charge?

  • Yes, bicycles can be taken along free of charge at all times in the RMV and in the NVV.

    In the VRN, transporting bicycles is sometimes not allowed during morning peak hours. Children under 12 years may carry along a bicycle only if they are accompanied by an adult.

    More information:

    For the RMV

    For the NVV (PDF) (only available in German)

    For the VRN (only available in German)

Is the ticket transferable?

  • No. The Schülerticket Hessen is issued to a specific person and cannot be transferred.

Is it allowed to take along someone with the ticket, e.g. over the weekend or in the evenings?

  • No, additional persons are not allowed to travel with a Schülerticket Hessen.

CleverCard and other season tickets

Will it be possible to buy weekly and monthly tickets for students and trainees in the future?

  • Yes - existing offers will be continued.

Will CleverCards, MobiTicks and other offers completely abolished?

  • Weekly and monthly RMV-tickets for students and apprentices will be continued, as well as the MAXX ticket of the VRN.

    The district-wide CleverCard kreisweit and the MobiTick will be discontinued.

    The CleverCard will still be offered for trips in Mainz (tariff zone 6500) and for the following cross-network relations:

    - Rhein-Nahe-Nahverkehrsverbund (RNN): tariff zones 68XX and 69XX
    - Westerwaldkreis: tariff zones 7001 and 7201
    - Rhein-Lahn-Kreis: tariff zones 74XX and 75XX
    - Kreis Siegen-Wittgenstein: tariff zone 79XX

How to convert the CleverCard to the Schülerticket Hessen?

  • If you want to use the new offer, you must first order the Schülerticket Hessen and terminate your CleverCard afterwards. Only then can you make use of the full price benefit.

    The CleverCard must be terminated at the sales partner where it was bought. The Schülerticket Hessen can be purchased from any sales partner.

    The Schülerticket Hessen is always valid from the first day of the month. It must be ordered by the 10th day of the previous month.

Buying the Schülerticket Hessen

Who receives the ticket free of charge? And can the costs be reimbursed?

  • The claim for cost reimbursement in accordance with the Hessian School Law remains unaffected. In other words: If your ticket has been reimbursed until now, you will not have to pay for the Schülerticket Hessen either. This applies for students travelling more than 2 km to primary school or more than 3 km to secondary school as well as for students with an exceptionally dangerous travel route. There will be no change to the School Law in which the corresponding reimbursement regulations are defined (§ 161, paragraph 2 of HSchG).

    If your Schülerticket Hessen is reimbursed, it is nonetheless valid in the entire state of Hesse.

Can the Schülerticket be subscribed?

  • Yes, the ticket can be bought as a subscription. If done so, the ticket will automatically be renewed for persons under 18 years. 

    Without a subscription, a new order form must be filled in every year.

Can I buy the ticket only at the place of residence or school?

  • The Schülerticket Hessen can be bought from any point of sale in all three Hessian transport associations (RMV, NVV, VRN).

Which documents are required to buy the ticket?

  • Adolescents up to 17 years of age with a place of residence in Hesse simply need to submit proof of their age and place of residence. 

    A parent or a legal guardian must sign the order form. If your place of residence is outside Hesse, a certificate from your school or training company in Hesse is necessary.

    Young adults from 18 years onwards can have their school or training company sign the proof directly on the order form.

Where can I buy the Schülerticket Hessen?

Can the ticket be bought only at the start of the school year?

  • The Schülerticket Hessen can also be bought during the school year. The ticket is always valid from the first day of a month and thereafter for 12 months.

What is the mode of payment?

  • The ticket price is debidet from your bank account either as a single payment or in 12 instalments at the start of the month.

    At many RMV and VRN points of sale, the ticket can be bought over the counter. Payment can be made in cash or via EC or a credit card. If bought over the counter, the ticket is valid only for one year and the subscription option is not available.

Are there discounts for siblings?

  • No - since the Schülerticket Hessen is virtually always cheaper than the majority of existing season tickets, there is no additional discount for siblings.

Terminating the Schülerticket Hessen

What happens on the 18th birthday?

  • If the user turns 18 during the validity period, the Schülerticket Hessen will not automatically be renewed. In this case, a new order form and the necessary proof by the school or training company must be submitted by the 10th day of the last validity month.

When do I have to terminate the ticket or submit a change/renewal application?

  • The ticket must be terminated if you move out of the state of Hesse.

    If you move within Hesse or change school in Hesse, a change application must be submitted.

    A renewal application must be submitted by anyone who uses the Schülerticket Hessen and wants to do beyond his/her 18th birthday.

    If the ticket is no longer required, the subscription must be terminated at the latest by the 10th day of the last validity month.

Can the StudentTicket Hessen be prematurely terminated before the expiry of a 12 month period?

  • The StudentTicket Hessen is conceived as an annual ticket, the obligatory buying of which enables among other things the attractive price. If, however, a serious occurrence such as a relocation makes a premature return necessary, the contract for the StudentTicket Hessen can be terminated at the end of the particular calendar month. The termination must have been done, at the latest by the 10th of the concerned calendar month directly at a sales counter or in writing to the company that issued the ticket.

    The ticket price will be determined as follows for a premature termination: Double the amount of the monthly rate will be charged for each month of use of the ticket. That is 2 x 31 = 62 euros/month of use for a monthly charge of 31 euros. For a onetime payment of 365 euros, it is 2 x 30.42 = 60.84 euros/month of use.

    Example 1: The termination is in the 3rd month of use for the monthly charge of 31 euros

    The fare till now is 3 x 62 = 186 euros. Since the customer has already paid 3 x 31 = 93 euros through the monthly debits, he must just pay rest of the differential amount of 186 - 93 = 93 euros.

    Example 2: The termination is in the 5th month of use for a onetime payment of 365 euros

    The fare till now is 5 x 60.84 = 304.20 euros. Since the customer has already paid 365 euros, the rest of the amount of 365 - 304.20 = 60.80 euros is refunded to him.

    A direct change to another RMV annual ticket (JobTicket, FirmenCard or SemesterTicket) is always feasible without financial disadvantages on the 1st of the month immediately following. 31 euros are charged per month for the months when StudentTicket Hessen was used. If the StudentTicket was completely paid in advance, the residual amount is settled with the price for the new RMV annual ticket.

The Schülerticket Hessen as eTicket

What are the other benefits of the eTicket?

  • Holders of a smart card benefit from special offers by our partners in electro-mobility, car sharing and bicycle rental. For requirements concerning minimum age or possession of driver’s license, please refer to the usage conditions of the respective providers

How long can the eTicket be used?

  • Abbildung Schülerticket Hessen Zoom So sieht das Ticket aus
    (© Hessisches Ministerium für Wirtschaft, Energie, Verkehr und Landesentwicklung)
        The smart card is valid for 5 years. Even after you have finished school and training, you can use the smart card to save other tickets for public transport.

What happens if I lose my eTicket?

  • In case of a loss, you will receive a spare card is on which the Schülerticket Hessen is saved. A fee of 10.00 euros is charged for this purpose.

Which information is saved on the eTicket?

  • In addition to the Schülerticket Hessen, the first name and surname (masked), the date of birth and the gender of the holder are saved on the eTicket. This way, it is easy to identify during a ticket inspection whether the user and card match. 

    If you want see which data is saved on your smart card, you can do so at various points of sale and ticket machines with the (((e-logo. Most NFC-compatible Android smartphones can also read the smart card using the "eTicket RheinMain" menu item of the RMV-App.

    More information is given in our Data protection information regarding the eTicket Hessen (only available in German).

How does the Schülerticket Hessen look?

  • Abbildung Schülerticket Hessen Zoom So sieht das Ticket aus
    (© Hessisches Ministerium für Wirtschaft, Energie, Verkehr und Landesentwicklung)
    The student ticket is issued as an eTicket on a smart card that generally looks like the one shown on the left. 

    Transport associations and local partners may also hand out different smart cards designs on which the Schülerticket Hessen can be saved as well.

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