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Monthly tickets

Monthly ticket charged at training rate

  • For schoolchildren and apprentices
  • For as many journeys as required within the area covered

Fares info


Onward travel ticket



Holder may be accompanied by other persons






Use for First Class travel

Yes, with 1 supplement per person per journey or supplementary season ticket


Cross-network fare



Dial-a-ride taxi service (AST), express bus, etc.

Yes, in some cases with a supplement (1 supplement per person per journey)


Use of IC service

Yes, with IC surcharge ticket


eTicket RheinMain

only at VGF ticket machines and the OVB sales offices; not for cross-network fare zones

  • For use on all RMV modes of transport in the authorised fare zones for travelling between home and school/training location.
  • Valid for schoolchildren, apprentices, students, visiting schoolchildren, schoolchildren on exchanges, work experience students and gap year students engaged in voluntary social or environmental work. The full list is printed on the order form.
  • The monthly token is only valid when presented with a Passenger ID Card for schoolchildren and apprentices. The Passenger ID Card number must be entered onto the token using a ball-point pen. The Passenger ID Card and the token must have the same number.
  • Passenger ID Card:
    • Normally valid for the whole academic/training year.
    • It must be ordered and collected from a public transport company
    • Order forms are available:
      • as a PDF file - only in German
      • from all RMV distribution outlets
      • from RMV Mobility Centres
      • from public transport companies
      • The order form should be returned to these places of issue.
      • For applicants of 18 years of age or older, it must be signed by someone at the training centre. Up to the age of 18, official proof of age is sufficient.
  • Monthly token:
    • The monthly ticket is valid during the following month through the calendar day purchased and after until 04:00 am the next day.
    • Choose your own start date.
    • They are available:
      • at the RMV TicketShop, also available in advance
      • RMV ticket machine (only as eTicket RheinMain at many VGF ticket machines and all Deutsche Bahn ticket machines), also available in advance
      • RMV Mobility Centres and RMV distribution outlets (available as eTicket RheinMain in certain distribution outlets), available up to 8 weeks in advance
      • Available from the bus driver for some public transport companies (only as a paper ticket)

Information on the eTicket RheinMain

Monthly tickets for pupils and apprentices on the eTicket RheinMain are issued by the Verkehrsgesellschaft Frankfurt (VGF) ticket machines and the Offenbacher Verkehrsbetriebe (OVB) sales offices. Only the tickets for the RMV cross-network fare zones are still issued on paper. This means:

  • You must have a smartcard and eligibility for using the ticket charged at the training rate must be stored on it. If eligibility corresponds to the ticket selection, the monthly ticket for the RMV area is solely issued as an electronic ticket. If the selection does not correspond, a ticket cannot be purchased.
  • Mixing eTicket and paper format (eligibility on the eTicket and monthly ticket as a token or vice versa) is not possible.

The monthly ticket charged at the training rate for the RMV area and the cross-network fare zones is solely issued as a token on paper by the Deutsche Bahn AG (DB) ticket machines. This means:

  • You require a correspondingly valid passenger ID card on paper.
  • Mixing eTicket and paper format (eligibility on the eTicket and monthly ticket as a token or vice versa) is not possible.

Price and Applicability

  • The ticket price varies by the tariff relation used. To determine the fare please use our Fares information and print out the list “Approved cities / communities”.

Reduced fares

  • Some towns, cities and districts in the RMV area supply tickets subject to certain conditions. For more information, please click on local tickets.


  • Our common conditions of carriage and fare regulations apply.

The RMV Passenger ID Card for schoolchildren and apprentices - order form (only in German)

Bestellschein RMV-Kundenkarte

Print version of order form for Passenger ID Card

069 / 24 24 80 24
RMV Service Hotline - there for you 24/7!