traffiQ - Service provider for the city and the people

traffiQ, the local public transport company of the city of Frankfurt am Main, considers its role to be that of a service provider for all users of buses and trains in Frankfurt am Main, to whom the company acts as a representative of RMV Frankfurt - or here: Accordingly, the demand is high for it to always be easily accessible for its customers - whether in person at the "Verkehrsinsel", by telephone via the service hotline, by e-mail or via the Internet.

Local transport is a public task that traffiQ has been performing since its foundation in 2001. It implements the transport policy guidelines of the city and its political governing bodies and in this sense regards its role as that of a "tool". Its task and goal are to maintain and further develop an appealing and economical local transport system in Frankfurt am Main.

traffiQ is responsible for the city's entire public rail and bus transport, which is operated on its behalf by the Transport Authority Verkehrsgesellschaft Frankfurt am Main (underground train and tram) and several bus transport companies. For this purpose, it is entrusted with a variety of tasks. These include transport planning, drawing up the timetable, financing local transport, commissioning transport services through direct awards and tenders, market and transport research, marketing and, above all, customer service for passengers on the city's underground trains, trams and buses. traffiQ is the city's link to the Rhine-Main Transport Association (RMV), which is responsible for local transport (suburban train, regional trains) at regional level.

You can find out more about traffiQ here.