Information on stations and stops

Bus stop sign at a bus terminal

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To help you find your way around, we have summarised the descriptions and plans of our stations and stops. On the page Stations & Stops you can get an idea of the local conditions in advance and check which equipment elements the station can provide, like tactile guide strips, or automatic announcements.

You can also find out about the functionality of lifts and escalators and the emergency facilities on site.

Tactile floor guidance system

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Facilities for blind and visually impaired people

Information that is conveyed only visually, such as stop notices or the route number of a bus, is not practically accessible to blind people, which prevents trouble-free public transport operations. In accordance with the “principle of two-senses", all important information should therefore be additionally offered audibly (acoustically) or tactilely (tactile signals).

Facilities for blind and visually impaired people

Woman with a pram getting on a lift on the platform

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Information on the functionality of lifts and escalators

People with corresponding physical disabilities, or with bulky luggage, prams or bicycles need this kind of information: functional escalators and lifts. The Frankfurt Transport Company and Deutsche Bahn can provide information about possible malfunctions and breakdowns before the journey begins.

Information on the functionality of lifts and escalators

Man with red cap and blue uniform seen from behind in a suburban train

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Passenger safety is an important issue for RMV, which it is also seen to be consistently promoting. It goes without saying that local public transport organisations and transport companies also make every effort to ensure the safety of their passengers.

Safety in buses and trains

Important telephone numbers at a glance