Large group ticket

Large group ticket made of paper


  • For 10 to 50 people
  • Also available in advance up to four weeks before travel

Fares info

Onward travel ticket




Use for First Class travel

Yes, with 1 supplement or supplementary season ticket per person per journey

Cross-network fare


Dial-a-ride taxi service (AST), express bus, etc.

Yes, in some cases with a supplement (1 supplement per person per journey)

Use of IC service


  • The RMV large group ticket entitles groups from 10 to 50 people – adults or children (of between 6 and up to and including 14 years of age) – to travel:
    • for one journey in authorised fare zones when issued as a single ticket; not valid for round trips or return journeys or when you need to break your journey
    • for a return journey in authorised zones when issued as a return ticket; you are not permitted to break your journey
    • from the start till close of operations on the date entered on the ticket in the authorised fare zones when issued as a one-day ticket
  • It is valid on all RMV services, i.e. on regional rail services, buses, trams, underground and S-Bahn services

Sales outlets

It is important to plan the journeys precisely, since additional seat capacity may have to be ordered from the transport company for larger groups. If this is necessary, make sure to order the large group ticket sufficiently in advance. Due to the individual calculation, it is not possible to purchase tickets via the local ticket vending machine or online.

 The RMV large group ticket can be purchased here:

  • RMV Mobility Centres (only in German)
  • Selected RMV distribution outlets
  • In the VGF ticket centres
    • Hauptwache Passage
    • Konstablerwache Passage
    • underground station Bornheim Mitte
    • railway station Höchst Kiosk bus terminal


  • Large group tickets can also be purchased in advance up to four weeks before travel.
  • If your event is cancelled, the large group ticket is refundable upon payment of a 5.00 euro processing fee per ticket. Please note: Once the ticket becomes valid it can no longer be returned. A partial refund is also not possible.
  • Our common conditions of carriage (only in German) and fare regulations (only in German) apply.