CleverCard - the annual ticket for students and trainees

Clevercard example. Paper ticket with name and validity
eTicket RheinMain smartcard


CleverCard is offered for Mainz (tariff zone 6500) and also for trips to the transition tariff zones of Rhein-Nahe-Verkehrsverbund, Westerwaldkreis and Rhein-Lahn-Kreis.

The  monthly students' ticket for Hesse can be used for other connections.

Connecting ticket

only for the CleverCard in Mainz (tariff zone 6500) - no connecting tickets can be purchased with CleverCards in the transition tariff zones

Feasibility of taking along other persons




Use of 1st class

yes, with 1 surcharge per person and per journey or with season ticket surcharge 

Transition tariff

partial - CleverCard can be issued for trips in the following transition tariff zones:

  • in the Rhein-Nahe-Verkehrsverbund (RNN), the tariff zones 68XX and 69XX
  • in the Westerwaldkreis, the tariff zones 70XX, 7101 and 72XX
  • in the Rhein-Lahn-Kreis, the tariff zones 74XX and 75XX

Call and collect taxi (AST), Express bus etc.

yes, to some extent with surcharge (1 surcharge per person and per journey or surcharge season ticket)

Use of IC


eTicket RheinMain

partly - not for CleverCards in the transition tariff zones; For details, see eTicket RheinMain

  • CleverCard is available for passengers from 6 years up to and including 17 years of age (proof of age is sufficient) and for older students, guest students, exchange students, trainees and participants in a voluntary social service year, voluntary ecological service year or equivalent social services like the Federal Volunteers Service (the complete list of authorised claimants is printed on the order form). From the age of 18 onwards, the proof on the order form is provided by the school/ training organisation and must be submitted with the order.
  • The authorised claim must exist for at least six months from the 1st day of validity.
  • It is applicable daily during the school time in the tariff zones covered by the ticket for any number of trips.
  • It is accepted in the Hessian school holidays (without flexible holidays) in the entire RMV area. This also includes the directly adjoining weekends (Saturday/Sunday) and holidays before and after the holiday period. It can also be used in the entire region of the transport association on the last day of school before holidays start. CleverCards, which are acceptable in a transition tariff zone, are valid in the entire RMV area in the Hessian school holidays (without flexible holidays). However, in the transition tariff zones, they are only valid in the areas covered by CleverCard.
  • It consists of the CleverCard ID and 12 monthly tokens or is issued as an eTicket RheinMain.
  • The CleverCard is available as a subscription or without automatic renewal.
  • The CleverCard without subscription is valid from the 1st of any calendar month for 12 consecutive months and is not renewed automatically. The order form must be submitted at the latest till the 10th of the preceding month.
  • The contract for CleverCard can be terminated before it expires only for a valid reason such as change of school, relocation, hardship or inability to travel. The termination shall take place through the transport undertaking with whom the contract was made. The termination must normally be in writing via email or a letter. Please enquire at the issuing company for the precise modalities.
  • In case of loss of the CleverCard as eTicket RheinMain, replacement is against payment of a processing fee amounting to 10.00 Euro.

Price and Coverage

  • The prices depends on the tariff zone You chose.

Points of sale

CleverCard can be purchased up to 8 weeks in advance. You can download the order form for CleverCard from our website Tickets order form.


Terms of payment

  • 2 % discount upon payment in advance
  • Via direct debit in twelve monthly payments


  • The CleverCard subscription is available with yearly or monthly payment.
  • The CleverCard subscription can be cancelled at the end of each month. If the subscription is not cancelled, it is extended automatically by another year. The cancellation is done by the transport company with which the subscription has been made. The cancellation must normally be in writing via email or letter. Please enquire at the issuing company for the precise modalities.