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The passengers have many taxi options in the RMV region: Shared taxis, regular taxis, on-demand buses or conventional taxis. You can book by phone, online or through the RMV App, depending on the type of taxi.

Shared taxis

Numerous cities in the RMV region offer transportation even in the non-busy periods, in the evenings and on weekends. These are usually so-called

  • Bookable shared taxis (AST)
  • Bookable regular taxis (ALT) or
  • On-demand buses.

Read more about it at: Bookable shared taxi, Bookable regular taxi and on-demand buses in RMV

Book a taxi with the RMV App

The RMV App and the mobile RMV website can be used to book a taxi in the metropolitan area of Frankfurt Rhein-Main.

The Taxi Germany service offers passengers taxi companies from Frankfurt, Offenbach, Hanau, Wiesbaden, Mainz, Rüsselsheim, Darmstadt and Kronberg am Taunus. According to the customers’ request, the suitable taxi can be booked in the RMV App on the side menu under “Park, traffic and leisure > Taxi Germany” and from the mobile website under “Home”. There are several options for this: online entry, phone call (and automatic location data transmission after consent) or by selecting a taxi from the ticket. The service also offers a fare overview.

RMV has integrated all locations of taxis and taxi stands into its multimodal map service.

Visit our page "RMV-App - HandyTicket" for more information regarding the RMV App.

Taxi offices with uniform calling numbers

Under the service number (area code) 19410, you can directly contact the local taxi offices in many cities and municipalities in Germany.

The area code needs to be selected only when calling from a mobile phone.