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Schülerticket Hessen

Schülerticket Hessen - The student flat rate for public transport

Vier gut gelaunte Jugendliche mit Schultaschen sind gerade aus der S-Bahn ausgestiegen Zoom (© RMV/Christian Sauter)

  • 1 year. 1 euro per day. 1 ticket.
  • For school students and apprentices
  • Valid throughout the state of Hesse

One year full of advantages

The Schülerticket Hessen is a new personal annual ticket for all school students and apprentices who live, attend school or are undergoing training in Hesse. It will be valid from 1 August 2017 and can be booked at various sales outlets of RMV, NVV and VRN.

1 year. 1 euro per day. 1 ticket.

The Schülerticket Hessen is for anyone who wants to just hop on and go – irrespective of when and where. For just one Euro per day, school students and apprentices can use bus and train services throughout Hesse – throughout the year and even during school holidays. The ticket is available in two payment options: payment in one instalment or in 12 monthly instalments.

Fares info

Eligible beneficiaries
  • School students
  • Apprentices
  • Civil service trainiees in the lower and middle grade
  • Persons in voluntary military service and voluntary federal civil service
  • Adolescents and young adults completing a voluntary social or ecological year

College students


Proof of eligibility

Place of residence or school or training position in Hessen


  • Up to and including 17 years: Filled order form and
    • in the case of Hesse residents, proof of age
    • if resicence is outside Hesse: proof of attendance from the school or the training office
  • From 18 years onwards: Filled order form and
    • proof of attendance from the school or the training office
    • the usage entitlement must be valid for at least six more months starting from the first valid day

eTicket on smart card


  • Electronic ticket stored on the eTicket Hessen or eTicket RheinMain
  • The smart card contains the electronic ticket as well as first name and last name (masked), the month and year of birth, and the gender of the holder
  • gespeicherte Daten können an vielen Saved data can be seen at various points of sale and ticket machines with the (((e-logo
  • The RMV-App and most NFC-compatible Android smartphones can be used to read the eTicket using the “eTicket RheinMain” menu item
  • The smart card is valid for 5 years and can be used for other eTickets after the school or training period
  • Multiple tickets can be saved simultaneously or one after the other
  • Holders of a smart card benefit from special offers by our partners in electro-mobility, car sharing and bicycle rental. For requirements concerning minimum age or possession of driver’s license, please refer to the usage conditions of the respective providers

Advance booking

Yes, up to 8 weeks in advance


Replacement in case of a loss

Yes, charges of 10.00 euros


Holder may be accompanied by other persons






Onward travel ticket



Use for First Class travel

No, neither with supplementary tickets


Cross-network fare


Use of means of transport

Regional trains and suburban trains (S-Bahn)



Underground trains, trams, busses including fast and night busses



Dial-a-ride cabs (Anruf-Sammel-Taxi/AST), AirLiner, etc.

Yes, in some cases with a supplement mit Zuschlag (1 supplement per person per journey)


Long-distance trains


Geographical validity

Federal State of Hesse



Valid across the state borders of Hesse

  • In Mainz (tariff zone 6500)
  • On the northern border of the NVV to
    • The city of Warburg in North Rhine-Westphalia with lines R17, RE11, 120, 140, W3 and W4
    • The city of Hannoversch Münden in Lower Saxony with the districts Bonafoth, Hedemünden, Laubach and Oberode plus the township of Staufenberg
    • Gerstungen in Thuringia, however only with lines R6 and 260
    • Thüringen bis nach Gerstungen, jedoch nur in den Linien R6 und 260
  • Across the borders of the RMV
    • On lines RB29 and RB90 up to the "Diez Ost" station in the city of Diez (Rhineland-Palatinate)
    • Up to the "Niederlaasphe" station in the city of Bad Laasphe (North Rhine-Westphalia)
    • On line 77 to Geisa (Thuringia)
    • In the cross-network fare zones between VRN and RMV to
      • Hohensachsen and Lützelsachsen in the township of Weinheim
      • The town of Eberbach
      • The city of Worms (VRN tariff zone 43) in Rhineland-Palatinate
Validity period

Selection of starting date

Yes, on the 1st day any calendar month for 12 successive months


Automatic renewal

In some cases - subscribed tickets will be automatically renewed for 12 additional months until the 18th birthday


Premature termination

Yes, termination is possible at the end of any calendar month if notified at the latest by the 10th day of the respective calendar month

  • Directly at a point of sale or
  • In writing to the company that has issued the ticket

Terms of payment

One-time cash payment in advance

365.00 euros


Debit subscription

  • One-time debit in advance: 365.00 euros
  • 12 monthly debits of 31.00 euros each: 372.00 euros

Reimbursement by school route cost bearing authority

Persons whose ticket is issued or reimbursed by the school route cost bearing authority need not pay for the Schülerticket Hessen. The settlement and issue of student tickets in conjunction with the school route cost bearing authority (as per § 161 HSchG) are handled differently within the RMV. Please ask the relevant local education authority.

Other regulations

Data privacy protection

More information under Data protection information regarding the eTicket Hessen (only available in German)


Switching from the CleverCard 

Yes - more information under FAQ Schülerticket Hessen

Transportation and tariff regulations

The following apply:

Regulations for other transport companies in Hesse can be found

Questions? Read the FAQ!

Do you have further questions? 

Our FAQ Schülerticket Hessen has the answers.

Points of sale

  • RMV points of sale
  • Students entitled to free travel can procure their Schülerticket Hessen from their school and/or the education authority of their city or district administration

You can download the order form for this ticket from our page Ticket order forms (only available in German).

Info material (only available in German)

Schülerticket Hessen - Übersichtskarte Gültigkeitsbereich

Übersichtrskarte Gültigkeitsbereich Schülerticket Hessen Die Karte zeigt, wo das Schülerticket Hessen genutzt werden kann.

Karte, Stand: September 2017

Schülerticket Hessen - Die Flatrate für Bus und Bahn

Broschüre Schülerticket Hessen

Alle Infos zum Schülerticket Hessen.

Broschüre, Stand: Mai 2017

Schülerticket Hessen - Flyer

Broschüre Schülerticket Hessen Das Wichtigste zum Schülerticket Hessen in Kürze.

Flyer, Stand: Mai 2017

069 / 24 24 80 24
RMV Service Hotline - there for you 24/7!