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RMV-HandyPortal (mobile portal)

Extensive information for all smartphones and mobile end devices

Functions and benefits

Using the RMV-HandyPortal you can access timetables, information on stops in your vicinity and much more at any time and anyplace in the RMV area with the browser on your smartphone under

Piktogramm Abfahrtstafel

Always in the loop - thanks to the mobile timetables

The timetables show you the connection options between start and destination, know all runs in the RMV, inform you of possible delays and offer you door-to-door information (enables entering the address for start and destination).

Piktogramm Favoriten

Favourites – make life easier

Any number of favourites enables quick ticket purchasing and speedy timetables for your personal routes

Piktogramm Umgebungsplan

In your vicinity – proximity search

Find the next closest stop in no time at all

Piktogramm Abfahrtstafel

Departure board

Up-to-date departure and arrival times at the stops

Piktogramm Liniennetz

Route maps – direct access

The RMV route maps can be viewed online and help orientation

Piktogramm Verkehrsmeldungen

Traffic reports

Quick access to all known traffic reports and disturbances or hold-ups in the entire RMV region

Piktogramm RMV-Mobilitätskarte

Car and bike sharing with the eTicket RheinMain

Information on further mobility offers in the RMV

Piktogramm Freizeit

Leisure time suggestions

Exciting and interesting things in the RMV area

Piktogramm FAQ

Help, contact and other information

FAQ, contact form, disclaimer

In addition to the quick timetable information for when you’re on the go, the RMV mobile pages provide extensive additional and useful information regarding mobility, which revolves around the RMV.

Auswahl von 5 Seiten aus dem RMV-Handyportal: Verbindungssuche, -übersicht, -details, Home, Verkehrsmeldungen Zoom (© RMV - Markus Hammrich)

Suitable for any mobile end device

The RMV-HandyPortal can be accessed quickly and intuitively with any mobile phone, whether smartphone or mobile. Simply enter into the browser or scan the following bar code - the portrayal automatically adapts to the size of the screen and promises ideal usability suitable for your mobile end device.

Barcode zum Aufrufen des RMV-HandyPortals

Tip for users with a Google or Apple account:
Furthermore, you can also install the RMV app, which provides you with the option of purchasing tickets via RMV-HandyTicket and a great deal of other options. It is available free of charge in the 
AppStore/iTunes and in the Google Play Store  under the keyword “RMV”.

Up-to-date timetable information

The RMV-HandyPortal provides you with the easy to use timetable information including the following features:

  • improved entry of the stop names because possible stops are suggested by the system during entry
  • door-to-door information (enables entering addresses for start and destination)
  • option of selecting the means of transportation used
  • storage of your last connection information for future search requests

Localised information

In addition to the timetable information, the RMV-HandyPortal provides you with local information regarding your departure point (stop). We show you exactly the information you need there. You can:

  • directly access the timetables and information on the stops in the vicinity
  • request traffic information and information regarding special transportation
  • have interesting offers such as the RMV-XtraTour or the RMV Mobility Ticket shown to you in the area “Home”

Mobile calculates position

Your mobile can determine your position in various ways:

  • Positioning via GPS receiver. Currently, this function is only available for devices with iOs or Android operating systems.
  • Reading of a contact point (via NFC) or QR code at your stop on location.
  • Positioning via public WLAN or mobile communications networks. Deviations of up to 2000 metres are possible.

For automatic location identification, please click on the localisation symbol behind the input box for the address or the stop. For the use of automatic location identification, you must accept positioning via your mobile end device.

You can of course also enter the name of the place, street or stop manually.

069 / 24 24 80 24
RMV Service Hotline - there for you 24/7!