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RMV ticket machines

RMV ticket machines

RMV und DB-Fahrkartenautomat nebeneinander Zoom (© RMV - Julie Weinkauf)

In the area covered by RMV, there are different types of ticket machines that are operated by various transport companies as RMV sales partners. In order to make it easy for you to use the machines, we have introduced a standard operating procedure wherever possible.

Range of tickets available from RMV ticket machines

You can normally obtain the following from RMV ticket machines:

  • Single tickets
  • Short hop tickets (if purchasable)
  • Day tickets
  • Group day tickets
  • Hessenticket
  • Supplementary tickets
  • Onward travel tickets
  • Tickets valid for local travel

In addition to these, many ticket machines provide:

  • Weekly and monthly tickets for adults, and
  • Weekly and monthly tickets for schoolchildren and apprentices

Purchasing tickets from RMV ticket machines

Currently, two types of RMV ticket machines are being used, which merely differ in their operation. 

  • On the one hand, there is the type with a large, touch-sensitive touch display.
  • On the other hand, the type with a destination directory and a small display as well as entry using buttons, which meanwhile can only be found at a few places in the RMV area.

For your information, a short summary of the operating instructions is provided below. In case the ticket machine should not work, we’ll tell you how to purchase your tickets nonetheless.

To find out more about ticket prices beforehand, please refer to our fares information.

Touchscreen ticket machines

New Deutsche Bahn machines in use in RMV-Gebiet

The new Deutsche Bahn (DB) ticket machines are equipped with a screen which has a touch-sensitive surface (i.e. touchscreen).

There are two differen eTicket am Automaten Zoom (© Markus Hammrich) t types of design for these machines:

  • The RMV machine has a turquoise housing and displays the RMV start page
  • The DB machine has a red/grey housing and displays the DB start page

Both types provide a complete range of RMV tickets and DB tickets for local and long-distance services. Day, weekly and monthly tickets, supplementary season tickets and the Hesse ticket can be bought in advance.

If you have an "eTicket RheinMain" chip card, you can have the tickets which are stored on your card displayed on the touch display machine. Simply place your chip card in the reading area marked for this purpose. It is located directly beneath the numeric keypad of the PIN pad for cash card payments.

Please note:

Since 1 January 2016 all ticket machines in the transport district of the DB AG only issue weekly and monthly adult tickets as well as supplementary season tickets as electronic tickets. You require the “eTicket RheinMain” smartcard, to purchase these season tickets. You cannot get these at the machines but at all RMV sales offices with the eTicket acceptance symbol and at all DB Travel Centres.

The sales process itself does not change much. Please select your destination, your type of season ticket as well as the first day of validity and if applicable, your route. Before the payment screen appears, you will be requested to hold up your smartcard. Then, please simply place your smartcard on the reader area marked with the (((e logo beneath the PIN entry pad. After a brief check of the smartcard, the payment screen appears. Check the information on the screen and then pay the indicated amount. After payment has been completed, the ticket is stored on the smartcard. Please observe the information on the screen.

Tip: You can also transmit reserved season tickets (e.g. via the RMV TicketShop) or ticket changes (e.g. frequency of travel after moving) using the read/write surface on the DB ticket machine to your eTicket RheinMain. You will be informed in advance of the day as of which the ticket or the changed data is available and also transmit it to your eTicket RheinMain via the contact surface on the DB ticket machine.

Detailed information on the eTicket RheinMain can be found in the article eTicket RheinMain – The RMV Mobility Ticket

The sale of RMV season tickets as eTickets was also introduced on virtually all touchscreen machines of the Verkehrsgesellschaft Frankfurt (VGF). In addition to weekly and monthly tickets, annual tickets as well as season tickets charged at the training rate are also offered as eTickets. In this case, the sales process is conducted in the same way as at the DB ticket machines.

Other touchscreen machines

Ticket machines with touchscreens are also operated by Hessische Landesbahn (HLB), Verkehrsgesellschaft Frankfurt (VGF), Verkehrsverbund Mainz-Wiesbaden (VMW) and HEAG in Darmstadt.

How to use them

Simply follow the instructions on the user screen:

  1. Depending on the version, the new machines start up with a different start page. The turquoise-coloured RMV machine starts by selecting the destination for the journey for local services in the RMV network.  If you would like to request a ticket for a long-distance service or travel beyond the limits of the RMV network, please use the “DB Rail” button to access the start page for long-distance services.
    The start page of the red machines displays the entire range of tickets available from DB. However, you can also directly access RMV tickets using the “Verkehrsverbund RMV” button.

  2. You have several options for selecting tickets. You can:
    • use one of the abbreviated dialling keys
    • enter or select the destination
    • enter the two or four-digit destination code
  3. After entering the destination for your journey, select the type of ticket you require. Both RMV single journey tickets and RMV season tickets are available.
  4. Where alternative routes are available through different fare zones, please select your preferred route.
  5. First check the information displayed on the screen and then pay the amount displayed.
  6. Take your ticket from the machine and if appropriate take your change from the change tray.

By simply touching the screen, you can set the operating instructions on the screen to various languages (English, French, Italian, Spanish and Turkish).

As a rule, coins and banknotes are accepted as means of payment. Any cashless payment options will also be displayed on the screen.

Ticket machines with a screen and numeric keypad

Most RMV ticket machines have a user screen and numeric keypad and guide you through your ticket purchase.

How to use them

  1. Select your destination from the list of destinations.
  2. Enter the two or four-digit code number (“Destination No.”) next to the destination using the numeric keypad.
  3. Press the button on the keypad below the numeric keypad for the type of ticket you require (adult or child fare). A choice of routes will appear – enter the route number (“Route No.”) you require using the numeric keypad.
  4. First check the information displayed on the screen and then pay the amount displayed.
  5. Take your ticket from the machine and if appropriate take your change from the change tray.

With just one touch of the keypad, you can set the operating instructions on the screen to English, French, Italian, Spanish or Turkish.

You can pay with banknotes – € 5, 10, 20 and 50 notes are accepted. The machine displays the denominations of banknotes it will accept. This depends on the cost of the fare and the change available in each case. A cashless payment method is available at many ticket machines.

What if the machine is out of order?

If there is no other option for purchasing tickets at the station or the stop (i.e. if there are no other ticket machines or a sales window), you will have to buy a ticket on board the service, if possible. This does not present a problem for bus journeys. On rail journeys, please inform the station/train staff and/or the conductor immediately that the machine is out of order.

Please note: Make a note of the machine number and the transport company responsible. You will find this information on the bottom edge of the machine sign.

To report a machine that is out of order, please click on Regional transport companies or Your local contact.

To report a DB machine that is out of order, please contact

069 / 24 24 80 24
RMV Service Hotline - there for you 24/7!